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Making The Film

In 1979, a young producer for CBS News, on a flight home to NYC, came across an article in a newspaper. At the time, 29 year-old Patti Obrow White had no idea how the story that she was reading would dramatically impact her life. The story was about a controversial alternative program for troubled youth called, VisionQuest.

Tracy"If I Could" is a compelling documentary film that shows one family's attempt to escape the long-term effects of trauma after decades of abuse, abandonment, drugs and rage.

This film has generated audience acclaim and critical praise and won numerous prestigous awards. It is narrated by actress Sally Field.

Tracy at 14The story of a struggling single mother, "If I Could" addresses some of the most troubling issues facing American families today. As one of the main characters says, "Families destroy themselves, so families have to heal themselves."

The film originated in 1979 when a three-time Emmy award-winning director filmed "The Wagon Train Trial" for CBS Reports. It followed the stories of four teenagers sent to an alternative program for juveniles, instead of jail.

Bob Burton and JamesNow, twenty years later, she returns to chronicle the ongoing story of Tracy, a young woman who is facing the ghosts of her troubled past as she fights to keep her son from falling prey to the same demons that almost destroyed her.

 What's New

iCom Magazine news brief about "If I Could" June 2003

Video Tapes of 'If I Could' Available For Purchase
The award-winning film, "If I Could," is now available for purchase on VHS videotape.


Special Benefit Screening
Benefit for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County was held April 6, 2003.

Film Festival News
"If I Could" was shown at the Hot Springs, Arkansas Documentary Film Festival in October 2002.

"If I Could" received the Best Documentary award at the Oklahoma City film festival.

Los Angeles Screening
"If I Could" was screened in Los Angeles on Friday, July 12 at the Charlie Chaplin Theater. Like a similar program in Washington, DC, the panel discussion after the screening featured a number of prominent mental health professionals. It was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer.

Video Clip: Dr Ivan Walks

 Film Director & Writer
 David S. Ward
 on "If I Could"

"'If I Could' is an emotionally powerful film with a compelling story and some of the strongest, most fascinating, intense, characters I've ever seen in a documentary film. It's riveting, gut-wrenching and an important piece of work."