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The intake procedure strips James of all his connections to the outside world, starting with his clothes.

James says that he hopes that this new program will help him control his temper and straighten out some of his other problems with school and his family.

After spending half his life in programs and institutions, he knows the right words to say.

He's immediately thrust into a military atmosphere with uniforms, language, discipline and all sorts of rules and regulations he's not used to. He gamely plays along until he can figure it out.

The man in charge of the camp is Major Neely who explains the rules of the camp in a no-nonsense, very exacting manner.


Major Neely works with James for several days, trying to get him in shape. When he realizes the Drill Sergeant routine isn't getting through to James, Neely tries a more parental approach to try to reach the hard-shelled boy.

"He's not hearing the yelling, right now. We've yelled at him 24 hours now and it still hasn't sunk in that we mean business. So I figured I'd take it to a new level and see just how he would respond to someone talking to him as a father figure."