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Financial Support for "If I Could"
From an interview with Patti Obrow White, director of "If I Could"

"Our responsibility and our commitment to make this film overshadowed any of our economic deficits. We just kept believing that something good would happen...and then one day, it did.

"An angel (an anonymous Hollywood celebrity) flapped her wings and swept away the first chunk of debt we had accrued. We were back on track and at this point, we felt the fate of it and our desire to complete this film became unstoppable.




We've had a few more 'angels' along the way, including a private investor from Denver and a corporate sponsorship partner in AT&T.

AT&T stuck their neck out with a film this raw and edgy, because they believed it was time to stand up for something. Their support was invaluable to the production of the film.

Pfizer, Inc is supporting educational outreach at special individual screenings of the film through the use of unrestricted educational grants from Pfizer, Inc. Please address any letters of support for Pfizer's role in bringing this film to public awareness to:

  • Hank McKinnell, CEO, Pfizer, Inc.
  • Karen Katen, President, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group, and Executive Vice President, Pfizer, Inc.
  • Joe Feczko, MD, Vice President, Pfizer, Inc., President Worldwide Development

    Pfizer, Inc.
    235 E 42 St.
    NYC, NY 10017

As a feature documentary, "If I Could" took over a year and half to shoot, on many locations and with high production values, followed by a lengthy editing process.
"If I Could" remains under-financed, and we continue to seek other sponsors or individuals who want to help us with finishing funds.