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What People Are Saying About "If I Could"

"This film needs to be seen."
Sally Field
Actress and Director

"Watching this film (If I Could) does not simply make you sad. It makes you want to flee your own skin, your own head. To forget or never know what terrible things families do to each other and the children who absorb the damage."
Susan Reimer, Baltimore Sun columnist

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"If I Could" has received a great deal of coverage in newspaper articles since its debut in May 2001.

The film has won awards at major film festivals in the last year including the Seattle International Film Festival and the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival.

Find out what people are saying about the movie, including actress Sally Field, director David S. Ward, playwright Attallah Shabazz, Tipper Gore and others.

On May 9, 2002, there was a large screening for mental health professionals in Washington, D.C. Among those who spoke before the screening or in a panel discussion afterwards were Virginia Williams, mother of the Mayor of Washington, Dr. Ivan Walks MD, the former DC Health Commissioner, and many prominent individuals in the mental health field.

Tipper Gore wrote a letter to the filmmakers on May 9 2002 expressing her support for the film and the light that it shines on mental health issues among youth.

The filmmakers have traveled lot with the film during the past year. We have collected some of their "Postcards From the Road."




 Audience Comments

"The raw emotion was compelling. It helped us experience the love, the hate, the hurt and the hope."

"It's honesty comes through in big ways."

"I'm most affected by the scene in which Tracy confronts her father."

"Amazing. I will never forget the look in James' eyes where he is in pain for his mother."

"Above everything, tenacity wins. Bravo! to all the people who never give up!"

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