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If I Could

Touring the Country With "If I Could"

The makers of "If I Could" have been traveling around the country over the last year attending film festivals that their movie is entered in. It has been an exhilarating experience, especially as the film they worked on for years has been so recognized and awarded.

Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, Washington

A perfect festival to premiere our film! It was so exciting watching it with such a responsive audience. We even won an award at a ceremony in a restaurant halfway up the Space Needle. Very cool.

Denver International Film Festival, Denver, Colorado

We shot a lot of the film her in Denver, so it was fitting to play to a home crowd. There were some strong, insightful questions in the Q&A session. When we introduced Holly to the audience, they just loved her.

Winfemme Film Festival
Beverly Hills, California

The screening was packed... a lot of friends and family in Beverly Hills. We won BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD at the dinner. Met some really fun people.

Rocky Mountain Women's Festival, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is such a beautiful place for a festival. There were some very impressive filmmakers here and it was a great chance to network and discuss common problems. If I Could was so well-received and Tracy had people swarming around her afterwards.

Moondance Festival International Film Festival, Boulder, Colorado

Another Colorado festival! We're honored that the film is being so highly regarded here.

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, New York, New York

Felt great to screen in New York, not far from CBS, where this all got started 20 years ago. A lot of old friends showed up, including several who were involved in the original movie.

There's nothing like a New York audience!