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Well-Known People Talk About "If I Could"

Why people should see the film...

"If I Could" is an important documentary film about contemporary America. Through the intimacy of the camera lens, we learn about issues that affect all of us. We identify with how it feels to be misunderstood and not listened to. We know of struggles to negotiate governmental systems.

We remember the invincibility of adolescence and grieve the truth of not really knowing everything. We feel the longing for a perfect parent and the universal disappointment in that longing. We experience the wish to deny and refute the existence of child sexual abuse.

Why is this film important? Not only for the privilege of sharing James' and Tracy's story and learning from their difficult and courageous experiences, but because of the potential influence it may have on therapists, educators, legislators, judges, governmental agencies, anyone who has to confront trying to help those who must deal with the ramifications of child abuse.

Perhaps this film will serve as a cornerstone to bring to light the needs of children and their parents and open a dialogue to improving services to traumatized children and their families.

Andrea Karfgin, Ph.D.
Director of Trauma Services
Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration
Division of Special Populations
Consultant for "If I Could"


Tipper Gore
Mental health activist, wife of former Vice-President

Tipper GoreI want to thank you for having the courage, and taking the time, to create "If I Could."

This film stands to affect, awaken and change the lives of many people across this nation by bringing the courageous story of Tracy and her son into our own hearts and lives. I am touched by their willingness to be so public in the sharing of their story. Theirs is not an exposure in vain, but a great service to humanity.

"If I Could" is an intensely powerful film and will most surely benefit those who see it. Which I hope to be millions!

Tipper Gore

Susan Reimer
Columnist, Baltimore Sun

Susan ReimerWatching this film does not simply make you sad. It makes you want to flee your own skin, your own head. To forget or never know what terrible things families do to each other and the children who absorb the damage.



Sally Field,
Actress and Director

"This film needs to be seen."

Ms. Attallah Shabazz
Playwright, author, lecturer, producer

Attallah Shabazz"If I Could" affirms the faith and triumphs of the soul's perseverance... from generation to generation. Despite dreams deferred and hope fractured, this honest accounting of a young woman's journey and will to halt her family's perpetual tragedies... to discovering her honor, is a gift of life for all of us.

David S. Ward, Film Director & Writer

David Ward"If I Could" is an emotionally powerful film with a compelling story and some of the strongest, most fascinating, intense, characters I've ever seen in a documentary film. It's riveting, gut-wrenching and an important piece of work.

Heather Kellogg
Festival Director,
Yahoo Internet Life Film Festival

"If I Could" is a documentary that carries the audience from the depth of despair to making hearts soar with hope. Movies should make people of all walks feel emotions strongly, whether they be sadness, hope, or happiness. Movies should make one ponder, wonder, and learn. A good movie is lucky to do one of these well; A fine film does many. "If I Could" is a great film -- it does all.